The Royal Family has been warned that it may be too soon to relax over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix show, with a royal expert saying that the couple may have the ‘real bombshells’ saved for the second half.

Royal expert Daniela Elser has warned the Royal Family that they shouldn’t take the Sussexes’ Netflix series lightly, ahead of the release of the second half of the show that is touted to be more explosive than the first half released on December 8.

Writing for News AU, Elser said: “It might be far too soon for the royal family to breathe easy. There is every chance that the couple have plenty of ammo left and that the real bombshells are yet to come.”

She made the comment after highlighting how mild the first three episodes of Harry & Meghan were, saying: “However millions of dollars have been ploughed into making this high-sheen agitprop, all audiences have so far seen are a stream of private family photos and criticisms of the Palace and the media recycled from the couple’s Oprah interview.”

“The big caveat here is that we’re only at the halfway point, with the show’s narrative having only reached their wedding three episodes in. Maybe all the hand grenades and oh-my-God moments are in the next “volume”, out this coming Thursday, which will cover events from mid-2018 and through the convulsions of Megxit.”


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