Princess William was targeted after ‘denying access’ to Kate Middleton

Prince William was called out by the media for his opinions.

The new Prince of Wales was greatly berated by the media back in the days after he refused to fall into their traps.

Narrating the notion, Prince Harry in his memoir ‘Spare’ recalls: “I didn’t understand until months later that there were even more reasons why the press was gunning for Willy. First, he’d got them all worked up by ceasing to play their game, denying them unfettered access to his family.”

He added: “He’d refused several times to trot Kate out like a prized racehorse, and that was considered a bridge too far. Then he’d had the temerity to go out and give a vaguely anti-Brexit speech, which really galled them. Brexit was their bread and butter. How dare he suggest it was bullshit.”

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