King Charles III has nothing in British Passport: Disrespect

King Charles has been ‘disrespect’ at the hands of the new British passport, says a man.

Ian Thompsett, who is British resident, expresses his disappointment as he gets his new passport from the embassy.

He tells Mirror.co.uk: “It was my intention to go to Amsterdam in the Netherlands in July to see Coldplay. I looked at my passport and it had run out so I did a renewal application online a fortnight ago.

“I was told it could be 10 weeks but they did it in two so the service was great. I opened it up yesterday and on the very first page it gives the declaration and I read it and just couldn’t believe a brand-new £88 renewal passport still states it is Her Majesty’s passport even after all this time.

He then questioned the absence of King Charles in the feature.

“The King was crowned in May but the very first page refers to the Queen. There is nothing about the King at all and it really upset me. My first thought was ‘have I been diddled?’ I wondered whether it was fraud.

“You just don’t expect that the government would be so lax that something with the Crown’s stamp would be out of date. The King’s coronation should be reflected.


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