The first teaser promo of Kangana Ranaut’s much-awaited Emergency has generated a wave of excitement among cinephiles in India. The film not only marks Ranaut’s solo directorial debut but also showcases her portrayal of India’s first female Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. 

With the teaser offering a sneak peek into the tumultuous era of the State of Emergency, the film promises to delve deep into a significant chapter of Indian history. The teaser begins on June 25, 1975. As depicted in the video, protesters flood the streets, resulting in a state of unrest. A newspaper cutout highlights the headline, “State of Emergency declared,” setting the stage for the dramatic events that unfold. Accompanied by Anupam Kher’s powerful voiceover, the teaser reveals him behind bars, portraying the late political leader Jayaprakash Narayan, also known as JP Narayan. 

The teaser proceeds to showcase the brutality faced by the protesters, hinting at the dictatorial environment prevalent during the emergency. Kher’s character passionately declares the need to resist this dictatorship, setting the stage for the struggle that unfolds. 

Finally, the teaser unveils Ranaut’s as Gandhi, accompanied by her resolute statement: “Mujhe iss desh ki raksha karne se koi nahi rok sakta. (No one can stop me from protecting this country).” The teaser concludes with the film’s title card, followed by its release date.

Emergency boasts an ensemble cast featuring some of Bollywood’s finest, including Milind Soman, Mahima Chaudhry, the late Satish Kaushik, and Shreyas Talpade. The film aims to shed light on India’s State of Emergency and the subsequent struggle against an oppressive regime. Emergency is set to release on November 24 this year.

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