Ana Benevides parents say no support offered from Taylor Swifts team.
Ana Benevides’ parents say no support offered from Taylor Swift’s team.

Parents of Ana Benevides, the young lady who tragically died at Taylor Swift’s concert, express financial struggles in bringing their daughter’s body back home, adding another layer to their grief.

The family isn’t from Rio and says that no one from the pop singer’s team contacted them for any sort of assistance.

After sharing a note regarding the sad demise on her social media, Taylor has not spoken to anyone from Ana’s family and has neither offered help.

Her message read, “It is with a shattered heart that I say we lost a fan earlier tonight before my show,” however, some fans have pointed out that this is incorrect because the girl passed away when Cruel Summer was being performed.

“HER FANS were able to donate all the money necessary to cover the costs of transferring the body from Rio to her city,” writes a commentator, “Ana’s mom apparently was borrowing money and going into debt due to all this situation, but it’s upsetting to know that Taylor, who is a billionaire, was basically exempting herself from this situation and not moving a finger to help her family in any way besides posting a note on Instagram that didn’t even mention her name, singing a song during a concert that was supposedly a tribute even though the girl wasn’t mentioned at all, and calling it a day.”

Ana Benevides was a psychology student who left home to fulfill her dream of attending a Taylor Swift concert in Rio, Brazil, where she lost her life due to poor heatwave management.


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