A classic charcuterie board (pronounced shar-koo-tuh-ree) board primarily includes meats and cheeses. It is a fun and aesthetic concept to snack on mini foods that complement each other. Assembling a charcuterie board the right way is key to achieving that tempting and Instagram-worthy look. If your partner loves charcuterie boards or even better, has never tried one, this Valentine’s Day is perfect to make one for them. The food components should have colours and flavours that align with the romantic vibe of Valentine’s Day. If you have never set up a charcuterie board before, don’t worry, this article will help you prepare a gorgeous one for V-Day. Let’s get started with arranging all the food that can go on your board.

Here Are 5 Key Elements Of The Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board: 

1. Cheese

While charcuterie boards allow you to add your creativity, we will not skip on the classic ingredient of this board– cheese. Plus, the creamy nuttiness of cheese will complement the other Valentine’s Day special foods. You can choose cheddar cheese, cheese infused with cranberries or goat cheese in pink food colour.
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2. Meat/Veg Snacks

Dry salami can be the perfect meat for the Valentine’s Day charcuterie board. The light pink colour and the complimenting taste of cheese make this meat the perfect fit on this board. If you want to make a vegetarian board, you can add pink-coloured beetroot cutlets instead. 

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3. Dip

For dips and spreads, you can use grape jelly for a fruity, sweet-and-sour flavour and a nice pink colour. You can also add some white dip like mayonnaise or whipped cream, depending on the kind of snacks you are placing on your board. You can also make a healthy strawberry chia jam at home and place it on the board. Lastly, if it looks too pink, you can balance it with a cup of delicious chocolate or caramel sauce.

4. Fruit

To add a refreshing twist to the platter, you have to add some fruits. Some V-Day-friendly options include strawberries, grapes, cherries, pineapples and blueberries.
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5. Candy

Chocolates and candies are a must-include item for his indulgent V-Day charcuterie board. Add chocolate wafer sticks, marshmallows, jellies, heart-shaped chocolates in colours white and pink, chocolate truffles and so on.

Arranging The Valentine’s Day Special Charcuterie Board:

Take a wooden board (heart-shaped if you have one) and begin by placing the bowls of the dips. For all the food items that follow, try to maintain a balance in quantity used. Begin with the cheeses and then the meat or veg snacks. Play around with shapes, sizes and colours to get your desired look. Now surround the cheese and snacks with fruits. Finally, add the yummy candies. Make sure to fill your board and there should be no empty spaces.

Do you like the idea of making a Valentine’s Day special charcuterie board? Tell us in the comments.

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